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Phyn studio is founded by creative director Phynix Tan Pek Han and co-founder Hoyyen Che in 2018. Phynix Tan Pek Han was a fashion design graduate student in 2017. He has been work with local-grown menswear brand Motoguo as designer assistant for 1 year. Influenced by the past, the label explores the ‘now’ and strives for the future with experimental silhouettes. It pushes the boundaries of genderless fashion with pieces that are crafted for all. Phyn Studio is the epitome of androgyny.

In August of  2018, Phyn Studio officially launched its first collection – The Story of A New Name. The first collection is more likely to introduce the specialized of Phyn Studio. The essence of Phyn Studio's work is more hidden in the details of the clothing. The unusual cutting and the ingenuity of the finishing is the highlight of each piece. It is the motto that Phyn Studio always comply with - by understanding the most primitive process of making clothing, and keep innovating or subverting the original essence of every design.

Phyn Studio collection’s ideas are created and integrated by emotional attachment from daily life experiences. The pieces are developed for some kind of existence instead of merely a cloth. They such as characters walk out from a fairy tale, each of them have their own background story that try to express some unspeakable thoughts in people mind.

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