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Inspired by Harry Potter, the magical fairy tale many dreams to live in, this collection features the concept of “Mirror of Erised” from the book, a mirror that shows your deepest and truest desires. Everything is inverse when you look into a mirror, influencing the idea of “reversed design” for this collection, where the true design can only be seen through a mirror. Highlight of this series not only on the graphic itself, it has intentionally changed the way how a men wear a button-up shirt. In tradition, men wears shirt by left covered right. The collection has present clothes by right covered left in every button-up garment.

Seems like individuals determine the true or false in certain cases, arguments and misunderstanding arise. The situation getting worse especially when we strive to support our stand of point instead of understand the thought of others. Finally, all things are getting right when we see ourselves through mirror. It not just about show a person true desires but also represent he starting to stand on the view of his partner and understanding other’s feeling.


Peterland, one of the sub themes under this collection, symbolizes a public university, the reality version of Hogwarts. Peterland’s motto, “KEE PCALM ANDE ATMOR EAP PLES” is a reminder and a motivation for many out there who are living in the reality, facing difficulties and obstacles every day, that there will never be a barrier you can’t breakthrough, and through that progress is when you learn. There will always be a rainbow behind every dark cloud. All schools have their own badge, so does Peterland. The four symbols in Peterland’s badge each carry different meaning. Torch symbolizes light, book symbolizes knowledge, shovel symbolizes strength and key symbolizes potential. All of these are traits that you will need to solve the difficulties in your life.

Fantasyland, a complete opposite of Peterland, is the designer’s desire to indulge in a land of fantasy and dream, an escape from reality. This collection is visualized with imaginations you can get from fairy tales such as dragons, fairies, prince saving the princess and things that will make you relive your childhood. In the midst of the stressful reality, we often miss the times where we were tucked into bed while listening to bed time stories and drift off to our dreams with no worries and troubles in mind.

“Mirror of Erised” is bound to captivate you with the fusion between reality, a place where we fight off challenges with bravery, and fantasy, a place to hide off and dive into the dreams that we desire.


Phynix Tan Pek Han








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