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The story of a new name. spring summer 2019


In SS19, phyn studio used this great opportunity to introduce the story of a new brand to the public. Through exploring the individual preferences, combined with the inspiration of the moment, created a clothing brand that is close to life - phyn studio. He is accustomed to simplicity and low profile way to present the core idea of phyn studio. The new season's collection, titled as “The Story of A New Name”, also symbolizes the introduction of phyn studio's design philosophy to the public – balancing the element derived from masculinity and femininity and using a multitude of color schemes to embody a unique design.

In addition, the essence of phyn studio's work is more hidden in the details of the clothing. The unusual cutting and the ingenuity of the finishing is the highlight of each piece. It is the motto that phyn studio comply with by understanding the most primitive process of making clothing, and keep innovating or subverting the original essence of every design.

At the same time, “The Story of A New Name” included the implied message how the Generation Z (people who born at the range of mid-1990s) plead for their idealism life. Abstract pattern from the textile found on most western cowboy shirt as our philosophy – the structure of plaid is simple, just the relationship between lines and lines.

“The world is simple, but life is complicated”


Even though there are countless barriers and fears in front of us, we still get out of the comfort zone. Like the western cowboy riding a horse, wearing the scarf from his mother, begin the journey of pursuit for a peaceful world. As we believe success could be worked by uncommon way. It might hurt when failed, but we enjoy the process of growth. Instead of being a creature trapped in the cage, we choose to unleash ourselves and pursue what we truly love to be. We fight with unknown and try to get one step closer to our goal. Whatever that will make us become freak when we try to away from usual. Adventure begins once we leave home. For the independence and freedom, we never turn back before achievement obtained. Along path of the journey, there will be someone support us all the way and give us a hand when we fall. –THE END.


Phynix Tan Pek Han











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